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Pre-Intermediate Adjectives

Pre-Intermediate Animals

Pre-Intermediate Appearance & Character

Pre-Intermediate Body

Pre-Intermediate Clothes & Shopping

Pre-Intermediate Commonly Confused Words

Pre-Intermediate Computers

Pre-Intermediate Cooking / The Kitchen

Pre-Intermediate Containers & Quantities

Pre-Intermediate Directions

Pre-Intermediate Family

Pre-Intermediate Feelings

Pre-Intermediate Festivals & Celebrations

Pre-Intermediate Film

Pre-Intermediate Health

Pre-Intermediate Hobbies

Pre-Intermediate Hotels

Pre-Intermediate House

Pre-Intermediate Jobs / Work

Pre-Intermediate Love & Relationships

Pre-Intermediate Money

Pre-Intermediate Music

Pre-Intermediate Phrasal Verbs

Pre-Intermediate Professor Grumpy's Guide

Pre-Intermediate Relationships

Pre-Intermediate School / Education

Pre-Intermediate Shapes

Pre-Intermediate Shopping

Pre-Intermediate Sport

Pre-Intermediate Technology / Computers

Pre-Intermediate Town & Country

Pre-Intermediate Travel

Pre-Intermediate Verbs

Pre-Intermediate Weather




Pre-Intermediate Listening Exercises

Pre-Intermediate Video Lessons

Pre-Intermediate Listen & Read

Pre-Intermediate Songs

Pre-Intermediate Podcasts: English Lessons




Pre-Intermediate Reading Exercises

Pre-Intermediate Listen & Read

Pre-Intermediate Stories

Pre-Intermediate Games



Pre-Intermediate Eating Out

Pre-Intermediate Travelling

Pre-Intermediate Giving Directions

Pre-Intermediate Telephone

Pre-Intermediate Being Polite

Pre-Intermediate Agree or Disagree?

Pre-Intermediate Advice

Pre-Intermediate Instructions

Pre-Intermediate Making Plans

Pre-Intermediate General Conversation

Pre-Intermediate Social Expressions




Pre-Intermediate Present Continuous

Pre-Intermediate Present Continuous (future)

Pre-Intermediate Pres. Perfect (Have you ever)

Pre-Intermediate Present Perfect - (for/since)

Pre-Intermediate Present Perfect - (yet, still...)

Pre-Intermediate Irregular Verbs

Pre-Intermediate Past Continuous

Pre-Intermediate Used to

Pre-Intermediate Going to, Will

Pre-Intermediate Will, Might

Pre-Intermediate Will, Shall

Pre-Intermediate Must, Have to

Pre-Intermediate Should, Had Better

Pre-Intermediate To or -ing?

Pre-Intermediate So do I, Neither do I

Pre-Intermediate Subject & Object Questions

Pre-Intermediate 1st Conditional

Pre-Intermediate 2nd Conditional

Pre-Intermediate Prepositions: Time (In/At/On)

Pre-Intermediate Prepositions: Place, Direction

Pre-Intermediate Relative Clauses - Defining

Pre-Intermediate Both, Neither, All, None

Pre-Intermediate Nothing, Anything...

Pre-Intermediate Adjectives (-ed / -ing)

Pre-Intermediate Adjective or Adverb?

Pre-Intermediate Comparatives & Superlatives



Pre-Intermediate Cool Word Games

Pre-Intermediate Wordsearches

Pre-Intermediate Crosswords

Pre-Intermediate Concentration

Pre-Intermediate Scrambled Words




Pre-Intermediate British Vowels

Pre-Intermediate British Consonants

Pre-Intermediate Sounds & Spelling 1

Pre-Intermediate Magic 'E'

Pre-Intermediate Word Stress'



Pre-Intermediate Capital Letters

Pre-Intermediate Spelling 1

Pre-Intermediate For Kids

Pre-Intermediate Handwriting 1 (Print style)

Pre-Intermediate Handwriting 2 (Joined-Up)





What's My Level?

Net Languages Level Test

A well-designed test. For each question, drag the word into the correct place in the sentence. It's not as easy as it sounds!


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