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Elementary Adjectives

Elementary Appearance & Character

Elementary Bathroom

Elementary Bedroom

Elementary Body

Elementary Character & Appearance

Elementary Clothes

Elementary Countries & Nationalities

Elementary Daily Routine

Elementary Family

Elementary Festivals & Celebrations

Elementary Food

Elementary Fruit & Vegetables

Elementary Health

Elementary Hobbies & Leisure

Elementary House

Elementary Jobs

Elementary Places in Town

Elementary School

Elementary Shopping

Elementary Sport

Elementary Technology

Elementary Time

Elementary Transport

Elementary Travel

Elementary Verbs

Elementary Weather



Elementary Listening Exercises

Elementary Video Lessons

Elementary Listen & Read

Elementary Songs




Elementary Reading Exercises

Elementary Listen & Read

Elementary Stories


Elementary Introductions

Elementary Describing People

Elementary I Like...

Elementary I Can...

Elementary Shopping & Sightseeing

Elementary Where is the Station?

Elementary Travelling

Elementary What Time is it?

Elementary Making Plans

Elementary Offering




Elementary There is / There are

Elementary Present Simple

Elementary Present Continuous

Elementary Past Simple - was, were

Elementary Past Simple - Regular Verbs

Elementary Past Simple - Irregular Verbs

Elementary Going to

Elementary Can

Elementary Like

Elementary Questions

Elementary Imperatives

Elementary Prepositions of Time (In, At)

Elementary Prepositions of Place (In, On)

Elementary A, The

Elementary Some, Any

Elementary Countable & Uncountable

Elementary Pronouns - I, me, mine

Elementary Adverbs of Frequency (often)

Elementary Comparatives & Superlatives



Elementary Cool Word Games

Elementary Wordsearches

Elementary Crosswords

Elementary Concentration




Elementary British Vowels

Elementary British Consonants

Elementary Magic 'E'

Elementary Word Stress'



Elementary Capital Letters

Elementary Handwriting 1 (Print style)

Elementary Handwriting 2 (Joined-Up)





What's My Level?

Net Languages Level Test

A well-designed test. For each question, drag the word into the correct place in the sentence. It's not as easy as it sounds!


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