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Verbs - A1

Beginner Present Simple - 'Be'

Beginner Present Simple

Beginner Questions


Elementary There is, There are

Elementary Present Simple

Elementary Present Continuous

Elementary Past Simple - was, were

Elementary Past Simple - Regular Verbs

Elementary Past Simple - Irregular Verbs

Elementary Going to

Elementary Can

Elementary Like

Elementary Questions

Elementary Imperatives



Verbs - A2

Pre-Intermediate Present Continuous

Pre-Intermediate Present Continuous for Future

Pre-Intermediate Present Perfect - Have you ever?

Pre-Intermediate Present Perfect - (for & since)

Pre-Intermediate Present Perfect - (yet, still, already)

Pre-Intermediate Irregular Verbs

Pre-Intermediate Past Continuous

Pre-Intermediate Used to

Pre-Intermediate Going to, Will

Pre-Intermediate Will, Might

Pre-Intermediate Will, Shall

Pre-Intermediate Must, Have to

Pre-Intermediate Should, Had Better

Pre-Intermediate To or -ing?

Pre-Intermediate So do I, Neither do I

Pre-Intermediate Subject & Object Questions

Pre-Intermediate 1st Conditional

Pre-Intermediate 2nd Conditional








Verbs - B1

Intermediate Present Perfect / Past Simple

Intermediate Past Perfect

Intermediate Past Tenses Review

Intermediate Future Forms

Intermediate Passives

Intermediate Action & State Verbs

Intermediate Modal Verbs - Speculating

Intermediate Must, Should, Have to

Intermediate Make, Let, Allow

Intermediate Say, Tell

Intermediate Reported Speech

Intermediate To or -ing?

Intermediate Question Tags

Intermediate Indirect Questions

Intermediate Zero Conditional

Intermediate 1st & 2nd Conditionals

Intermediate 3rd Conditional


Verbs - B2

Upper Intermediate Verb Tenses Overview

Upper Intermediate Present Perfect Continuous

Upper Intermediate Future Forms

Upper Intermediate Passives

Upper Intermediate Modal Verbs

Upper Intermediate Phrasal Verbs

Upper Intermediate Reported Speech

Upper Intermediate Reported Questions

Upper Intermediate To or -ing?

Upper Intermediate Used to, Be Used to

Upper Intermediate Would, Used to

Upper Intermediate Verb + Preposition

Upper Intermediate Get

Upper Intermediate Have Something Done

Upper Intermediate Verbs of the Senses

Upper Intermediate Conditionals Review

Upper Intermediate Unless


Verbs - C1

Advanced Verb Patterns (to, -ing, that)

Advanced Inversion

Advanced Subjunctives

Advanced Emphasis

Advanced Mixed Conditionals

Advanced What If, Suppose, Wish



Linking & Relative Clauses

Pre-Intermediate Relative Clauses - Defining

Intermediate Relative Clauses

Intermediate Linking Words

Upper Intermediate Relative Clauses

Upper Intermediate Participle Clauses

Upper Intermediate Linking Words



Elementary Prepositions of Time (In / At / On)

Elementary Prepositions of Place (In / At / On)

Pre-Intermediate Prepositions of Time (In / At / On)

Pre-Intermediate Prepositions of Place & Direction

Intermediate Prepositions

Upper Intermediate Verb + Preposition


Nouns, Pronouns, Determiners

Beginner A, The

Beginner My, Your, His...

Elementary A, The

Elementary Some, Any

Elementary Countable & Uncountable Nouns

Elementary Pronouns - I, me, mine

Pre-Intermediate Both, Neither, All, None

Pre-Intermediate Nothing, Anything, Everything...

Intermediate A, The

Intermediate Too, A Few, Enough

Intermediate So, Such

Intermediate Myself, Ourselves

Upper Intermediate Articles & Determiners

Upper Intermediate Singular, Plural or Uncountable?



Adjectives & Adverbs

Beginner Adjectives

Elementary Adverbs of Frequency (often, never...)

Elementary Comparatives & Superlatives

Pre-Intermediate Adjectives (-ed / -ing)

Pre-Intermediate Adjective or Adverb?

Pre-Intermediate Comparatives & Superlatives

Intermediate Adjectives (-ed / -ing)

Intermediate Adjective or Adverb?

Intermediate Adjective Order

Intermediate Comparatives & Superlatives

Upper Intermediate Adjectives





What's My Level?

Net Languages Level Test

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